Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Cavalry Portfolio Services

I was bored, so I decided to see who Cavalry actually was, and it looks like I hit the nail on the head from this entry.

From their website: of the largest buyers of distressed debt in the United States...

It's still one of those things that my brain wants to spell as Calvary for whatever reason (see previous post).


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apageor2 said...

In 1997, I had a sprint cell account for a programming position as I was on call 24/7. When the company closed it's doors after a merger, I closed out the cell as it was no longer needed. I paid the bill and that was that. Now in 2009, I'm seeing a Sprint bill appear that I have nothing to do with.

I would like to understand what the reason for this is however since it would only open up a hornet's nest, I decided to do some searching which is when I found this web site here.

Why is it that collection companies cannot follow the law in states? A collection company works just like any other business, they pay their income taxes. So any monies made are profit, any open credits not spoken for or unpaid transactions become a write off at the end of the month. It's that simple.

For what it's worth, I agree 110% with others as no one is perfect. I ran up a credit card nearly to its maximum during school so I could eat.

I also agree with the statement that was made to contact the BBB on this company as it seems they have a lot of issues with their ethics, policies, and consumer standards of practice. There is a difference between following the law and harassment and it sounds to me like this company is crossing the line. I'm not an attorney so please do not take that as legal advice. If you do feel there is an issue, I would seek counsel with someone. Furthermore, financial information can be located on Google by doing a search using your state then legal limitation rights.

Sorry if I seemed so long winded as this is not an easy situation once you get into it. As I said earlier, it's like opening up a hornet's nest. The best advice I can give regarding legal action is to be sure you have all of your t's crossed and i's dotted before taking that final step.


Anonymous said...

I know most of the comments concerning Cavalry Portfolio Services are in 2005 but this company still does what it does. I co-signed for an ex-daughter-in-law for a car that she quit paying on for 4 months and was repo. I never got a call from the Credit Company before the car was sold. Now the Credit Company has written off the debt in 2007 which I didn't knew existed till I had to buy a car in 2008. I thought she took care of it. The rest of my credit was in good standing. Now all of a sudden here comes Cavalry. The reason they are talking to me is because I answered my phone - they told me so. I have assets - no I don't. And contacting them? I sent a registered letter, it came back NSN. Faxing them? No...the phone just rings and rings but they are very demanding that I be contacted by fax and phone. They said their accountants will only accept $4000 and then they will go to my ex-daughter-in-law for the rest with added interest. I don't denigh the debt as I did co-signed. What I don't understand is how can this be legal? How can a company BUY a debt of another company and then come after you for the debt? I asked them will this removed the other debt from my credit report. No, it was written off. Then why should I pay this debt company? I didn't ask them to buy that debt for about $900. Right now I don't know from one day to the next if I will have a job when I wake up each morning. They also ran my credit report as they asked about a line of credit of a medical loan company. Is this legal without my permission? I just can't pay $4000.

Anonymous said...

Cavalry is trying to go after me for an old At&t bill from 2000. They say they have had the account from 2005. I contacted At&t and they said no matter how long ago they can find out if I had a cell phone by my ss#. Guess what.. no record. Cavalry actually out a hold on my checking account that has my sister as primary account holder and me as the secondary. How can they just put a hold on that account with no warnings, no letters, nothing. They sent me a copy of the certified letter. I NEVER LIVED AT THE ADDRESS THEY HAD!! How is that possible? Now If the debt can not be validated from At&t (which by the way Cavalry is saying they purchased it directly from) how is this even a valid debt? Clearly it is not. And if the bill is from 2000 the statue of limitations is up. So I guess they forged documents from 2005 so they are in the 6 year limit, I dont know all I know this is not my debt. Every time I call, I get the rudest person ever. Now they tell me to get a police report cause its fraud. They never contacted me ever if they have my ss# and can put it on my credit report and ALL my current and previous addresses are there why wasnt I contacted in the first place and why do I now have to jump through their hoops? The debt is not mine and from hello 2000!! And I have to prove now I didnt live at the address they sent the certified letters that were never signed for, Gee I wonder why?? Its on my credit report they ruined. LOOK AT THAT LOL This is such BS to go through.

Anonymous said...

I felt I should leave this information about Cavalry Portfolio Services. They buy old debts and thy to get you to pay them. But you all should know that there is a lay called statue of limitations. In my state, California it is four years. Check you own state laws to see, but in general I think it is the same. They cannot sue you or take you to court or obtain a judgement against you. This law was created so people don't have to worry their entire life about being sued. They will threaten you and send you letters. If you pay them it will reset your statue of limitations so do not do so. Inform them that you are aware of the law, which they are hoping that you are not. They are bottom feeders, don't give them a dime! I found out this information when they contacted me and I then contacted an attorney. So don't let them stress you out they will try and tell you that you still owe the debt, but they have NO recourse against you.

AttitudeAnonymous said...

ANONYMOUS, GET A LIFE!!!!! I spent 5 minutes on this site but it seems as if your primary goal is to answer every post on here, defending the criminals/thugs at Cavalry. Don't you have some people to harass? (Maybe this is "Heather Kelly")

Anonymous said...


my husband works for cavalry portfolio and he is a damn good collector,& i myself work for a different collection agencie. I have never in all my life heard so much crap from lazy, stupid, and oh its not my bill blah, blah, blah file it w/insurance, its not mine, crap,that is ridiculous, cavalry is not a bad company, u people are just pissed off because deep down inside your sorry souls you know that you owe this money unless proven otherwise. how pathetic of you people to criticize one of the best collection agencies in the world. If you didnt owe the bill you never would have been contacted in the first place. Cavalry should not be shut down & you people can bitch all you want but it will do NOTHING AT ALL. you will still owe the bill and they will never stop unless you pay what you owe. So quit complaining like little imature babies and pay your damn bill. I am so sick of your type of people who expect everyone else to pay your bill or you just file bankruptcy to diminish your debt etc. you make me sick! This is what the world is coming to, its so sad. IF YOU DONT WANT THE PROBLEMS THEN DONT INCURE THE DEBT THAT YOU SO RIGHTLY OWE.and im sure that all of this will tick each and everyone of you little people off and thats fine. because guess what? you will still owe your bill and have to pay and i will still be my happy self. So gripe on people, gripe on, all it will do is anger you more because nothing will be solved. That is the truth. good day-

apageor2 said...

If you worked there then why are you posting anonymous? Hmm... sounds rather fishy to me. Please don't whine to me okay. I don't have a freaking bill with these bastards and don't wish to be getting a bill from them. Pretty bad if you need to hide yourself from others. That's almost as bad as the POTUS doing back door deals

Learn how to spell or at least use a spell checker, it does wonders! I use it every day but I guess that's one of the many reasons why I am working towards a PhD and you're supposedly working for a collection agency.

As I said before, my attorney already has the paper work from your company as the bill does not belong to me. Here's a thought, perhaps your company needs to check their dialer and their client data? I'm not sure where you're located however in my area, if a company phones the wrong residence or business that means ka-ching as the telemarketing laws have changed for ALL call centers.

Anonymous said...

NEVER, EVER just roll over and give Cavalry your money. ALWAYS take them to court and fight them. We did and won, because as in almost evey case, they NEVER have a case. They buy old, charged-off debt for pennies on the dollar that is YEARS PAST THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS and then hound you and try to scare you mercilessly with phone calls hoping you'll pay up, because they stand to profit thousands and thousands of dollars. They are criminals, and you should treat them as such.
DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT PAY THEM. Say "CEASE CONTACT" when they call, then find yourself an attorney that specializes in bankruptcy, debt collection, or consumer protection, because Cavalry will send you a court summons. DO NOT BE AFRAID, because you will win. Most attorneys will not even charge you, because they will countersue Cavalry and charge THEM for their fees.
This is why you will win: Cavalry never does their homework. They never have all the paperwork. They can't prove you owe them anything. Your biggest ace in the hole is the fact that Cavalry abuses the Consumer Fair Debt Collection Act with abandon, and ignores the Satute of Limitations for collection of a debt (know what it is in your state).
I know it sucks dealing with their harrassment and phone calls (another way they abuse the law). Just tell them to cease contact, block the number, find a lawyer, and dig in. Do not roll over and die. You deserve better than to be teated like garbage. You are trying to get on with your life and recover from financial disasters in the past. Fight these criminals. You don't owe them a damn thing. Fight! You will win!

Anonymous said...

you know, I DON'T have any accounts in collections with Cavalry Portfolio, BUT... after reading all the hateful comments...LEFT ANONYMOUSLY, of course, by their representatives, I can see why folks are having such great difficulty in dealing with them..... best wishes to ANYONE having to deal with this OBVIOUSLY TERRIBLE company!

Unknown said...

Don't let debt collectors harass you. Call the law firm of Marso and Michelson, P.A at 612-821-4817. We sue abusive debt collectors and make them pay you money. We handle the cases on a contingency, which means you do not have to worry about paying out-of-pocket expenses.


Anonymous said...

I actually work for Cavarly. I can honestly say this is one of the best collection agencies out there.They follow off FDCPA guidlines and treat all of their customers with respect, that is what this company strives for. We work with everyone to settle their debts for a reasonable price. I see that a lot of you are receiving calls from Cavalry about Sprint phone bills and old Mobile bills. First, this company is legit, if you have a real dispute then you can contact them and their compliance department will send you a "fraud" packet that will need to be completed and filled out. In this packet you may have to have a police report and copies of your ss card along with copies of your driver's license. Honestly, everyone single dispute I have dealt with it ended up being either a husband or roomate that used your social security number. (That's not our problem!!) If you receive a call from us again, tell the collector to verify where the account was opened. (On your account it will show the service address) This may remind you of who could of used your ss to open the account. If you still don't believe the debt is yours, tell the collector that and they will mark your account as fraud which will result in further investigation. About the mobile cards being so old.. They use these old accounts for new collectors to learn on. We can legally collect a debt no matter how old it is. Most of these old account you can settle for $20 dollars. You guys don't seem to realize that just because they say you owe a certain balance, you can still negociate on that balance. Most of the time we settle on these balances for 25% of the asking balance! Third and most importantly, you guys sit here and are trashing these collectors who are just doing their jobs. We are collecting from people who don't pay their bills and most of them are receiving unemployment along with other federal benefits because they are too lazy to go out and find themselves a job. We make far more then any mininium wage job would pay. I personally bring home $19 dollars an hour and I just started. I am only 19 years old and going to school full time so I would consider this to be a pretty well paying job given the circumstances... What in your right mind gives you the right to harass these collectors? They are actually out there working for their families trying to collect from people who don't pay their bills.. that just confuses me. I talk to many people each day telling me their unemployed and I need to get a life and stop calling.. Really? You are the one sitting on your ass while I am working.. Who needs to get a job now? I have never paid a bill late in my life and never will.

Anonymous said...

^^^ This 19 year old with the intellect of fruitfly, as evidenced by the preceding post, is employed by Cavalry???

Laughable at best.

I suppose that an earlier post re: Cavalry employees being high school dropouts wasn't that far from the mark after all! Wow!

I would rather eat a bowl of live maggots doused with fermented puss than to sell my soul to the Devil and work for a bottom-feeding excuse for a company such as Cavalry.

You must be proud???

You must not know any better.

Anonymous said...

well after reading about a hundred post, I have came to the conclusion that there is a way to stop the harassment if the debt is not yours.
First be very calm and polite
second ask for the address and mame of the caller
second ask what date and time it where they are calling you from as well as what extension the conversation is being recorded on
now here comes the smart part:
four ask for all information of the account holder including soc security date of birth orginal address of the account holder
now you have all the information you need to dispute the claim
Most of the time the will not want to furnish you with the information however if this is your information you have a right to it
after obtaining this information this is is the last thing you need the employees first name and employee identifier number
so now we are at number 5 and I have just used for my father
Sir or Madam, this is not my debt and I have discussed this with numerous individuals at your company, In my state it is a felony for a person to make repeated calls with the intention to harrass a person, and the employee calling can be held criminally liable

so since have made the request for the account information and either it was or was not mine, now that you understand, whether you agree or not you do understand that I have informedyou that this account is not mine please do not contact me again, and if you do I will obtain a felony warrant for your arrest for the harrassing phone call and by the way if you furnish my information to another collection company I will again sign the warrant for you as a conspiritor in the constant harrassment

with this in mind if you call me again and once you are convicted of the harrassing calls and you will be the you will also leave yourself open for civil litigation

Anonymous said...

You do not know what you are talking about. Do you know these people? I think not. Do not act as if your God and can see all! You andyour husband's employers do make mistakes. You should not be made privy to Cavalry Portfolio Services customer files and/or information, as you DO NOT work for them. It seems your husband is telling you things you have no right to know. Just because you husband works for this company does not mean they do not make mistakes, nor should you automatically assume that anyone with a problem about how this company conducts business, is a dead beat. I could ASSSUME you are a jerk and should grow up and stop petulantly making comments online because someone said the company your husband works for is horriblen not your husband. If both do your job with respect and dignity and treat others this way, then why do you care what anyone else says. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

We started getting calls from 866-883-0399 which I traced to Cavalry Portfolio Services thru several websites. They are coming in on our PRIVATE, UNLISTED business line which is used for very specific limited purposes. We have had very little spam calls on this line UNTIL we started looking to get ROOFING QUOTES. We got one for NESCOR ROOFING and even signed a contract with INTERLOCK ROOFING, both from inquiries at The BigE New England States fair in September 2012. We NEVER Signed ANTHING with NESCOR, and CANCELLED the ROOFING CONTRACT within the 3 day grace period with INTERLOCK. These calls started only about 12 HOURS after cancelling the INTERLOCK Roofing Contract; they ALSO have an 866 number. I don't think this is coincidence, and now we must wait to see if CRIMINAL INTERLOCK returns our deposit of over $2200. If they have turned around and put a debt on our credit based on a LEGALLY VOIDED CONTRACT, we will be SUEING INTERLOCK LIFETIME ROOFING - as well as CAVALRY PORTFOLIO SERVICES for TRIPLE DAMAGES.

Anonymous said...

In 1987 my daughter would get on the school bus and I would stroll my two babies with us to the bus stop. It was in CA. One morning I left the older baby in her crib asleep because the bus stop was so close to the house. I know better now. I know I made a big mistake. A child came running to me saying a woman had my baby! The woman claimed she found my daughter outside but it was much later before she could open the door herself. My first instinct was to thank her and not accuse her of breaking into my house. But I wonder if she didn't come in through the sliding glass door and my child was actually saved from a kidnapper by a little Army boy! Thank God for Army Brats! Oh, by the way, the bill collectors were the only ones making threats against us. Some of them were pretty bad. I got a call later from a man who said "We didn't know you had two of them!" So if people seem like they are evil they might be more evil than you know. Don't even talk to them. Call the police and report any threats.

Foryousmartass said...

And I am so tired of YOUR agressive collection type attittude and your husband's. Don't you think something must be wrong with the company if this many people complain? By the way, They harrassed me too many times ( might have been your perfect husband), and then they were kissing my ass when my attorney told them that it was an identity theft and it was certainly not my account. So there, you people and with all your crap you are talking about, not everybody owes to your crappy company.

Anonymous said...

If they or any Debt collector files suit do not ignore the Service.They will be awarded a default judgement.Answer the complaint by denying the allegations to The Court and a copy to The suing Attorney.This was me another lifetime ago and many were dismissed once it came before A judge.Settlement at that point is easy to for pennies on a dollar.

lenna liddon said...

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k said...

Shouting at people in caps shows your maturity level. If a legitimate debt is owed send a letter in the mail. We dont answer any numbers we dont know. Debt collectors have a bad reputation. Gee, i wonder why.

k said...

Shouting at people in caps shows your maturity level. If a legitimate debt is owed send a letter in the mail. We dont answer any numbers we dont know. Debt collectors have a bad reputation. Gee, i wonder why.

Anonymous said...

You low life bottom feeder..get a real job ..stop the crap and breaking the laws..I owe nobody..and you low life cant get a real job working for a commision on debt thats been paid off 8 yrs ago..

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