Monday, April 12, 2004

Looking It All Over

Ate some salmon for dinner while looking over some of the court documents. Lots of interesting things here:
  • Says I was served on June 27, 2003. It also says the person who was served has black hair, blue eyes, is 5' 4" and 160 pounds. That's interesting, because I'm 6'0", no hair (have a clean shaven head since about 6 months before this date), brown eyes and weigh 155 pounds. The person who "served" me (Crystal Jackson from Executive Attorney Services) probably was eating a cheeseburger at the beach instead... Job well done Crystal! {rolls eyes}
  • Credit card application has my mothers maiden name as something not even remotely correct.
  • Address, phone number and signature on credit card application is not mine (gee, no wonder I never got a statement). (The only thing that IS right is the name and social security number)
  • I wasn't even named on the original lawsuit. Somehow half way through it, I got added (plantiff even had to refile court documents because the court had no idea who I was).


scat3357 said...

Hey Shawn,
I am having the same type of problem with winn and sims and there problem with serving papers on people that dont exist. Can you let me know if you are still around please. Also anyone else having a problem with winn and sims getting a default judgement without serving you a summons first please post also and I will contact you.

Anonymous said...

Hi all -
I received by mail on 1/4/08 a Request for Entry of Default/Clerk's Judgment that stated that a Complaint was filed against me by Winn & Sims on behalf of Calvary Portfolio Services - I had to go to the Court and get a copy of this Complaint as I was never served with such Complaint. The Summons attached to the Complaint states that a man by the name of Ricardo was served, but to my knowledge, that's not my fiance's name. Anyway, I'm in the process of obtaining an attorney, because from all of the postings that I've seen online, Winn & Sims is full of it.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone I also have been served illegally by Winn and Sims which ended up them getting a judgement for 14,000.00. I think all of us that have had this happen to should file a class action suit against this law firm as well as complain to the California Bar. The law firm is below the law in there handling of cases....

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