Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Swift Efficiency

Not only has Winn and Sims not accepted ownership of the domain (per the settlement agreement), they are also 3 weeks late (so far) for filing the request for dismissal with the court (per the settlement agreement, it was supposed to be filed no later than October 20th [15 days after the execution of the settlement agreement]).

I'm not sure if it's even possible to drag your feet any more than this.


Vicious Summer said...

Perhaps Winn and Sims should start a blog so they can keep track of what's going on with this case. Or, maybe they are waiting for you to sign the "new" settlement. You know the one were you reverse just about everything that was already agreed on in the real settlement...hehe

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the web site. I found it interesting since I just received (3/26/05 and 3/28) here is SD the W&S's automated call telling me to call Lawrence Lopes long distance at 714-388-3080 Ext. 275. Nothing else--not my name or what this is concerning. I wonder what there success rate is for people returning their call. I fear this can only end badly...

Vicious Summer said...

Well, looks like Winn and Sims are almost a year late. They arn't so smart, no?

Anonymous said...

lol Vicious, I'm guessing you misspelled "Aren't" on purpose.

Can't tell what date you wrote that, but I just checked and it seems they have accepted the transfer. resolves to now.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and in response to anonymous above, I know it's late (the post was dated in March 2005) but they might try emailing the company if they don't want to spend money on a long distance call.

Their website doesn't list Lawrence Lopes email address but it lists Brian Winn's email address and also Ralph Sims. Or you could also try the generic support.

IMHO, if I've learned anything from Shawn's case, I wouldn't take the chance of them getting default judgment against me by not responding to their letters!

Shawn said...

Or in my case, lawyers should learn to actually *send* the letters. ;)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever tried to file a class action law suit agains Winn and Sims?

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RhainneColes said...
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RhainneColes said...

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