Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Why I Wasn't Served A Summons?

One interesting thing I noticed is that Winn and Sims paid $22 to serve my summon to appear in court (mine must have been a deal because they paid $45 for a different one to be served). The company that they paid to do it is based in Los Angeles (I'm in San Diego), which is a 216 mile round-trip between their location and the location I was supposed to be served papers at.

Now lets do the math here... Cheap gas is at least $2/gallon around here, but let's call it $1.80 to be nice. And figure an average car probably gets around 20 miles per gallon. So hypothetically 11 gallons of gas could have been required to properly serve me (which works out to roughly $20 in gas). Now, if there was absolutely no traffic it would be a 4 hour round-trip, but we are talking about Los Angeles here, so 6 hours round-trip is a more realistic estimate. Not even taking into expenses like wear and tear on the vehicle, that leaves about $0.33 per hour that this company made to serve me papers (of course, they also need to pay their employee out of that sum of money as well).

I'll assume that a someone that was intelligent enough to go through law school would realize that for $22, it probably was never actually going to happen. In fact, I would bet money that if I asked an unemployed homeless guy (that happened to have a car) to drop something off for me in Los Angeles for $22, he would laugh at me.

It's quite possible that Winn and Sims just thought it was their lucky day, and got a deal of a lifetime. Personally, I think Crystal Jackson at Executive Attorney Services screwed Winn and Sims (they were out $22 and I never got served any papers).


Anonymous said...

Hello, Shawn:


You just saved my sister and her partner more sleepless nights and possibly even the raiding of her partner's bank account like what happened to you. They were just at my house to use my computer to search for info on these assholes *sorry, but it is really hard to dignify them with anything not as obscene as what they apparently do* My sister had some guy server her summons from this company/lawyers last week and the guy pushed her to try to get in beyond the doorway as my sister said that she was not who they he was looking for and to leave her property immediately. My sister shoved him back and this was a 60-ish guy about six feet tall and he fell over back against her lawn after he tripped on the doorstep. Anyway, long story short: My sister's neighbor came out and the old guy ran off screaming that he'd sue over his bloody elbow after he threatened to call the police on my sister and she called his bluff calling the cops herself. Her neighbor and her then went to the police department and filed an incident report and a cop told them not to worry too much about him suing - the geezer got a scraped elbow from the fall - because he was basically doing a forced entry not only over how it went down at the house but because it is in a gated community and the home owners association says they have no report of him asking for entry via the guarded gate. They had a case number, etc, from Riverside Superior Court, and thanks to the info from the BBB that we got through your site they are now in the process of sending this third party collector who they were afraid actually represented the bank (my sister's partner had already settled for $1400 with the bank two years ago) a "cease and desist" letter and will move my sister's partner's funds to my sister's savings account in case they pull something like they did with your play money account. Once again, thanks a million :)

Corwin said...

They used a process server from LA because they are collaborators (co-conspirators?) with Winn and Sims.

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