Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Obscene Letter To Ralph

Winn and Sims apparently received an obscene letter directed towards Ralph (Sims I'm assuming). Since it was postmarked from San Diego, it was logically attributed to me. It's that same sort of logic and Sherlock Holmes-like investigation skills that started this whole silly case.

So while I don't actually claim responsibility, they did send my attorney a copy of it (which of course was forwarded to me). It appears someone besides myself is dissatisfied with Winn and Sims. I have no clue who "James" is (but I'll assume it's not his real name), nor do I know what his complaint is. It is a legitimate letter sent by someone to Winn and Sims, which I know for a fact because it was forwarded to me when they incorrectly attributed its origination to me.

In theory, if Winn and Sims spent time delivering documents that were requested for discovery (which was due over a month ago), rather than wasting their own time with this letter we might get somewhere.

My personal advice to "James"... while your letter is funny in a childish sort of way, it's pretty much a waste of your time and serves no purpose (other than for you to vent your frustrations... which I guess might be personally useful to you).


Anonymous said...

sounds like a love letter to me, one where they had a thing going and the other ended it.

caraie said...

some people haven't a better thing to do...