Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Winn And Sims Better Business Bureau Record

It seems I'm not the only one that has complaints about Winn and Sims as a company. They seem to have an unsatisfactory standing with the Better Business Bureau. In fact, they have the lowest possible rating with the Better Business Bureau (a rating of "F").
...F means that we strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known to us for its fraudulent business practices.

For the record, I did not do anything with the Better Business Bureau regarding Winn and Sims (or anyone for that matter). Personally, I think it's a waste of time. But I still think it's interesting that others have followed through with it.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha.

I think we should leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so glad I found your website. This is all verrry interesting to me.

Obviously they would get an F from the bbb.

Darline said...

Winn and Sims gave me summons. How do I get out of it? I have never received one before. I settled out of court,but
he hasn't sent me anything as of yet. I also left him a message yesterday. I talked to someone named Dennis. He said he would send me something to sign. I need help.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'am really glad I found your page, because my boyfriend and I are having problem's with those sorry S.O.B's who have taken his unemployement check out of his bank account after sending us a paper in the mail saying we had until the end of april to comply and we called them and hadn't heard anything back and this was all before the end of april and when thay finally called back was when thay cleaned his account out without any notice of doing so. Thay also have no Idea what his situwation is or did they even care he has a baby on the way and health prolem's that reqire medacation that I could not get for him becuse they took ever penny this hard working man had! and the real kicker to this hole thing is that when I talked to this asshole named chris at sit & spin's I mean winn & sim's, I told him my boy friend can't get his med's because of what they have done. He told me he didn't even care. My boy friend could die and I told him if anything happen's to my boyfriend they will have one of the biggest lawsuit's you've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

unportunately i have to pay my debt with them never thought of doing a google till the last minute i have till tomorrow to pay them, so that's what im goign to do, tho i have to say onething that really PISSED me off. that settlement guy named HERBERT PRIETO is one dumb ass FUCK, first time i called them i was soft spoken and was calm cuz i really wanna settle my debt, and tried to plea with them if they can talk to SPRINT to lower the collection amount and i nicely asked what are my opions if i FILE BANKCRUPTCY, and guess what that bastard said.. ARE YOU THREATENING ME? idiot i swear to god i asked him for my options tho i know im not suppose to ask him that, so anyways i called them again today and spoke to the same guy and i was asking him if he could call up SPRINT once more and ask them to plea bargain from 5700 to 5000 even and the dumbass started to tell me that if i call them sprint may revert the settlement account, i was like dude u cant nor sprint cant do that cuz u have a settlerment term by law they have to honor it, then next thing i know HERBERT the dumbass started to say DONT RAISE your voice at me i was like what the hell are u talking about? im explaining to u what my understanding is about california collection settlement law. and blah blah blah then he said u know what i wont settler ur account anymore i was like go ahead and i'll call up sprint thru my own lawyer to settle this account since i have PROOF that i called u in several occassions and tried to settle this account. and then i was transfered to a supervisor.. if i wasnt trying to clear my credit i wouldnt pay this debt they can sue me for whatevers they wont get anything from me anyways i know how to shift my savings account and they cant collect on my wage since i get paid under the TABLE... HERBERT PRIETO hope ur reading this u dumb fuck try to distinguish what the DIFFERENCE between THREAT and asking for ADVISE...

Anonymous said...



Shawn said...

{lol} Actually I haven't written anything on this site since November of last year (since you guys gave me my money back and paid all my expenses). :)

I have always paid my bills (see this entry), and to date, I've never even had an interest charge on any of my credit cards (always paid in full).

Also, you seem to forget that I can track who's who on the site, and you physically being only a few miles north of Winn and Sim's office, I'll assume you work for them. {grin}

jon said...

Winn and Sims is now rated "A" by the LA Better Business Bureau.

The "A" rating description from their site:
An excellent rating. A company with this rating may not rate higher because of a greater number of rate-lowering factors, but we do not consider them to be factors that would likely adversely affect consumer transactions.

Shawn said...

Awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad to have found your website. The BBB post is especially interesting and should be something useful in my countersuit against them.

Shawn said...

Looks like they cleared up the BBB record (from F to A), but now it's dropping again. hehe

Was "B"... now it's "C".

tom said...

Thank you, very interesting!

Anonymous said...

I am dealing with them as we speak. they claim they served with papers and they never did. So now there is a default judgement againist me to garnish my wages becaue I never showed up to court. WELL is that fucking dandy. i spoke to guy named Eric and he said that I have a serious bad background and that I could go to Jail for not paying on my debt. and that he doesnt care that I am a single parent that is your problem that the daddy left and now i could understand why. they are liars and and they need to stop harrassing everyone. Especially lying about them serving me. they just didnt want me to show up so they probably had some stranger on the street served.

j2rev said...

I just received an automated call from winn and sims asking me to return their call at this number: (714) 388-3080

The call never stated what it was about, or WHO to talk to in particular.

I am afraid to do it as I've read some posts on some blogs that this is some kind of a hoax? anyone willing to help in what's the best I could do?

Ohhhy said...

I wanted to post here that I am in the process of settling with Winn & Sims! They have harassed and badgered me for the past 2 years, but I hired a layer to go after them. Their habits were so bad that my lawyer called them on it and they eventually agreed to settle for no money! I have a wonderful lawyer and am happy to not have to pay the $5K that they were after.

Anonymous said...

Okay, it seems to me that, judging from the blogs that "Shawn" has posted and others have posted, they may have a point against Winn & Sims procedures. However, in all fairness, the messages left on this blog should tell you to take everything with a grain of salt. Yes, there are the sob stories about so-and-so with no money for medication and a baby on the way. Well, if you want to hear the real sob stories, try visiting Skid Row, or a state prison. This doesn't make it any less sad, but the fact of life is, you're responsible for your own actions in the past. Being in a sorry situation doesn't mean you get a 'I forgive you.' It sounds completely heartless to say that yes, the debt collectors could care less whether you're in need of medication or not, but the law isn't about who's side of the story is more appealing. It's also a little hard to believe that a law firm of such size somehow escapes the radar from regulatory agencies. Not impossible, but improbable - again, you can make a number of websites with well-written articles promoting anything from male pregnancy to aliens from Mars, and some people will even believe it. It doesn't make it true.

One last bone to pick. I find the whole situation very humorous, as this "Shawn" is obviously someone of at least average intelligence, enough to know about IP tracking, etc. However, in quickly skimming the comments here, I would venture to say that you won't be impressing the judge anytime soon with your language and/or coherence.

I'm sure people who have received mail from Winn & Sims do a quick search and end up on this page. First of all, the last post was in 2004, and whatever tactics they use may not still be in use. Second of all, one personal account along with a lot of disgruntled possible debtors gives you very little perspective. I say "possible debtors" because it's very possible that they've gone after the wrong person, etc. etc. but face the truth: some of these people ARE debtors, and the employees of Winn & Sims are just doing their jobs.

The eternal question: is this message from someone affiliated with Winn & Sims? No, just a person who is skeptical enough to doubt the complete veracity of this blog and its commentators. This "Shawn" came up with a clever way to vent his frustrations, but I doubt he can say that all the cases that Winn & Sims handles are false. Neither are the tactics anything unusual, especially among people who have a history of bad credit (Credit Bureau reports ARE run) and consistently refuse to pay. If you've heard the hundreds of sob stories, you might realize that you're not so different from the rest of the world. Welcome to the concept of taking some responsibility.

Anonymous said...

I am going through the same thing with Winn & Sims, including getting default judgment against me without ever serving me either. As soon as I get this resolved through the courts , I do believe I am going to do some investigative work on my own and see what I can do to get this firm involved in a class action lawsuit AND disbarred. They are a disgrace to the legal profession. I hope people will stay posted to this site, and will continue to post Winn & Sims unethical tactics and abuse of debtor rights.

I can't stand Winn and Sims said...

I am really suprised that Winn and Sims and their partners at Calvary have not been put out of business via their tactics.

I was also "served" and Calvary received a default against me. I was never served and only found out about this after the fact.

To make matters worse, my 823 credit score is now sub 700. This is the only mark on my debt.

I plan on fighting these guys in the courts and I am going to call a few members of of Congress in CA to see what they can do regarding this racket.

For anybody reading this post, fight them as much as possible by calling your state and federal representatives to complain about Winn and Sims. And if you have a case, find a good consumer lawyer and find out if they will take your case on contingency which they will do if you are being wronged.

Anonymous said...


Pinky said...

These guys have been trying to collect my ex boyfriends debt from me for over 2 years now. They call my house, my parents, my neighbors - and say the most appalling things. After being screamed at by one of their collectors I researched him on the internet (It's amazing what google will turn up - pictures, home address, siblings) - guess what? He's a convict who has turned his violent, threatening demeanor into a new form of extortion. This is the level of integrity they hire. Seriously, even if you legitimately owed a debt, would you give your credit info to a convict? I sure wouldn't! They're crooks and thieves, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

every thing every one says about these jerks they are all jerks every single last one of them of course including the women are the worst . cut throat hating snobs
bitches , sums it all . forget about a new girl working there no way they make it impossible for anyone . they think u will take there job as nice as u try too be and keep ur job no way they will make something up to fire u . now don't even think of making coffee for one of the jerk so called lawyers the snakes will think ur trying to get in his freaken pants! YUCK !

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